Termite swarm – Don’t Panic

termite swarm

Something can cause terror when you see a termite swarm. Termites strike such terror in people’s hearts. Now, imagine the horror that thousands of flying termites and swarmers will cause

A swarming, flying sea of termites is surely something that will terrify anyone whose path the cross. A termite swarm is, simply put, a very uninviting mass of airborne insects and it goes without saying that they will make even the most jaded human run for the hills. And the hills may well be the perfect place to go as a colony of termites will render a home and ex-home anyway.

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But is all this fear well founded. Is a termite swarm really as dangerous as it looks or is it just misunderstood?

While this may seem like a ridiculous question, the reality remains that the swarm quite honestly really is misunderstood!

A termite swarm is actually a precursor to the termites starting a colony. The termite swarm is for mating and is not the mode that termites take when looking to annihilate someone’s home or business. So, there is no reason to fall into an immediate panic at the sight of a seemingly out of control termite swarm.

Does this mean that the termite swarm is no cause for alarm? Well, there is no reason to become alarmed at the mere sight of the swarm, but it is definitely something that needs to be addressed and needs to be addressed before it becomes the dreaded, harmful colony that will do the originally feared damage.

To finish

So, do not ‘fly’ into a panic when a swarm of termites flies your way. Relax, take a deep breath and call an exterminator as to the issue. But, do not assume that they are flying away with bits and pieces of your home as you speak into the phone!

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